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Edgescan Researcher Discovers Multiple Vulnerabilities in CMS Made Simple and Lime Survey

July 22, 2020 / by

Edgescan Senior Security Consultant Guram Javakhishvili is making an impact in the cybersecurity field as a researcher aka hacker, discovering vulnerabilities across a number of popular applications. Some of which are not yet publicly available, as soon as the vendor implements the fix, those issues will also be added to this list and the blog […]

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Advisory: Critical RCE in Windows DNS – CVE-2020-1350

July 14, 2020 / by

Windows CVE-2020-1350 aka SIGRed? This blog explains CVE-2020-1350 aka SIGRed, how to identify if you are vulnerable and what, if anything, you need to do.   What is it? It’s a vulnerability in all versions of Windows servers that could result in Remote Code Execution, allowing a successful attacker to run unwanted operations on machines […]

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